The Untold Secrets to your HANDWRITING

Because Knowing is half the battle!
Sometime it only takes one phone call to transform and revolutionalise your whole existence!
This is not astrology, numerology or anything that predict your future but it's a science by which I can decode your personality

Why you should do this?

Your handwriting is not actually hand writing. It is the mind writing. It’s always very wise to know your allies and your enemies well in the battle of life. Wait….By allies and enemies I do not mean that they are outside of you but our own strengths and shortcomings which we are seldom aware of.

By knowing who you really are, you can make conscious efforts to mitigate the inhibiting traits of the personality and can transform themselves for a better life. On the same hand you can acknowledge your strengths and build a blissful life around them.

The Elements of Personal handwriting analysis

Base of Personality

Know about your emotional expressiveness, focusing abilities and intensity of emotions


Deep dive into what all strengthens you. It's always great to know your strengths to build on better personality


This element will throw light on your energy levels, physical drives, social trust and social selection

Areas to improvement

Know most important aspect of your personality and take this analysis further to work on these areas using graphotherapy

Fears and defences

Know about your deep hidden fears as well as the defense mechanism created by the mind to deal with them

Thinking pattern

Get acquainted with your learning abilities and the way your mind operates in general as well as in crisis

How to proceed?

Write the sample paragraph given below in an unruled A4 sheet preferably using a ball point pen and send to the following e-mail id

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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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