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The Dawn of Soul Consciousness

Who would have thought the ego shall shatter?
There will come a time when we’ll rise above all that is MATTER

Ego consciousness have definitely been used in extremes,
All we can hear now are loud howl and screams.
Succumbing to the law of contraction has yielded only in deepening our sense of individuality,
Believe me, this has chased us far-far away from the feeling of oneness and the cosmic reality.
Solely driven by bodily desires have caused us so much harm,
Nature has time and again warned and blew her alarm.
Those who listened to it way back in time,
Did wise choices by making INNER SELF as their prime.
The collective has totally shaken up by the cosmic waves of revolution,
The old human self is undergoing a new evolution.
This time the evolution of mankind is being carried out at the mental level,
Mother Earth is taking a new turn, destined to witness divine travel.
To re-establish peace and heal the damage caused by human’s wild free will,
The light shall descend and darkness must go downhill.
The dusk of ego-consciousness may look frightening,
Trust in the cosmic forces, the dawn of soul consciousness shall be ever enlightening.

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