Taming Thoughts

They wondered so fearlessly on my mental plane,


Millions of them time-stamped at the same time frame!

Did I create them or was I, the result of their creation?

I felt the answer to that couldn’t be deciphered without doing meditation.

As I sat closing my eyes, I was horrified and haunted by my own thoughts,

Some tickled, few tricked, many tried to stop me by triggering my weak spots.

Something kept me going and I did not succumb to the temptation of sight,

Soon the darkness was extinguished by a little, yet potent beam of white light.

Now I could see sparingly thoughts which haunted, were not

as ugly as they felt,

Truth be told, they were rather scared of me, could have been easily dealt.

Millions of thoughts were reduced to thousands in no time,

Initially getting bad thoughts in meditation isn’t really a crime.

Thousands were brought to hundreds,

Their false shiny attires and glitters were now in shreds.

When we pay attention to our thoughts, we become AWARE,

Still doing such a simple thing is also very rare.

Constant awareness is the only tool to be lightened,

Anyone can become a Buddha and get Enlightened!


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  1. Sutt34btsarmy

    I like your inspirational quotes so much
    Keep it up. Beauty isn’t seen in face but in heart 💜 . And you are so beautiful author

    1. Bhanupriya

      Thank you very much. I deeply appreciate your beautiful comment and spirit. 🙂

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