Elevating your consciousness – What a spiritual guru could do

Elevating your consciousness – What a spiritual guru could do

Ever thought that whenever you feel down or low in life, you reach out for someone close- a parent, sibling, or a friend in most cases. And when you vent out your feelings to them somehow you feel lighter and liberated. Somehow the pain lessens. I was pondering about it quite deeply and some answers came my way. I would really like to share what I discovered.

We are not only made of bone and flesh, that’s only our physical aspect. On deeper levels we are energy!

When we interact with someone who is in a higher conscious state than ours, then a significant process is happening in the energy realms. We are slowly rising higher and thus feel liberated from the pain and suffering we felt earlier- before the onset of the interaction.

Seemingly at that point in time, we are at our lower energy states and our brain is the quiet expert that it chooses the right person to talk to as per the destination energy requirements!

Unconsciously, yet we do this. If energy levels were to be put on a scale to 1-10 ( 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest), then if we feel like a 4 sometimes, we will go and talk to >5 in order to feel good again.

But some people have gone a step ahead. They have evolved themselves by mitigating the need to have inter-dependence on fellow human beings. They harness the energy by meditating where they interact not with a 5-6 but with the universe or the supreme consciousness which is indeed a +10. So this is why meditation feels so awesome.

And it is quite difficult for average humans to reach and interact at such high levels due to our egos and bundle of other vices. They require a medium, a mediator in their meditation. This facilitator helps individuals to slowly transcend their consciousness and reach a point where there is no need of further outer support or stimulus. These mediums are some elevated souls called Gurus who are spiritually evolved species whose consciousness is quite high than the average mean population.

A spiritual guru can act as a catalyst and increase the pace of the process. This is quite risky and spiritual gurus seldom go to such extremes. Why? Because A premature hatch yields weak offspring! They are wise enough not to do so. That is why a guru arrives in your life only when one is ready to seek his guidance.

It is not always necessary that a guru will have a physical form. He/she may bestow blessings via books written in past or exist in metaphysical realms guiding you through lucid dreaming.

Have you found a guru yet? If not that means you need to keep patience and become worthy of one.

Everybody wants to be elevated and one day we all will. But till then we need to train our senses and become ready to receive the grace of a spiritual guru!👼

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