Overtaking the Power in your own Hands

Overtaking the Power in your own Hands

We all have this huge urge to compete with people around us. I guess it’s the basic instinct we are born with because when we were cave men we lived by “Survival of the fittest”. But that’s history. Isn’t it? We should have come past this now as ages have passed down the streets Alas! here we are facing the present advanced ages still as cave men but only difference is of being dressed in suits. Just as a small example of this, when we see someone ahead of us while driving, our first reaction is to overtake. Even though our speedometers are way above the allowed limits, we still pace to match up and eventually try to surpass the one riding in front of us. And as you know as per laws of motion in order to overtake you need to have more speed than the other one. And amid all this chaos, we forget a very crucial parameter of speed and that is none other but “Time”. We nullify the significance of time by not respecting the fact that the person who is riding in front of us may have started the journey earlier than us. We totally ignore that even though we are running the same race, the racetracks may not be the same. Even the starting points may differ for some or competing categories may differ.
The question is why we are so restless if somebody is ahead of us? Why we are ready to stake our life for that matter? Speeding may cause accidents which then reverses us back by many yards in the journey and serious ones could press the pause/stop button for once and for all.

The answer is simple yet untappable with an overtaking attitude. Our eyes are more often fixated outwards so one tends to look, watch what is happening in the outside world and more precisely it is fixated on what others are doing! We look for details, we pass judgments, we criticize – not ourselves but others. Only if we diverted our attention to the inner apparatus that is responsible for vision. And science has made us aware that it’s the brain which is responsible for our vision. Eyes are just the means of doing it. So, when we fix our focus inwards- on our brain and its functional unit called mind, only then we are truly living as an advanced human being. Because now the focus is inwards and now the eyes must look for details, correct, criticize, advise the real source of inception. We need to admit why we are lagging in the first place instead of foolishly pacing up. We need to respect the time factor. We need to give due acknowledgement to our so-called competitors who have been guiding us throughout the path as we can readily learn from their mistakes and pitfalls. We need to have an attitude of gratitude for them for being our companions in this long and at times tiring journey.­ Only when we move in life with such an attitude our existence is justified, otherwise it’s just a series of events driven by sole physiological desires. We all desire much more than that from life. So, don’t delay your evolutionary process anymore and take the first step by being conscious about these fine faults in us. This journey from the gross to fineness is our true journey and we must start now irrespective of what others are doing. No need to pace up or overtake, just enjoy the process and life will be a beautiful series of events rather than a coincidence. Make things happen and not wish for them to happen!

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