The Introspection

The Introspection

Morning deep thoughts and conversations with oneself….:)

My solitude-my best friend,my never ending desires-my worst foe. My failures are the cornerstones of my success. Intense thrust upon me squeezed out the best out of me,symphony of love emanating from an abnormally pulsating heart,only having one question in my mind “Will I get through?” Someday somehow I know I’ll come up to my expectations,grow and reach beyond the skies,up high. There’s a long journey ahead,a route to love,happiness and success waiting for my imprints!!!!!!!!

Well it is always great to talk to oneself. It kind of fuels the inner desire and passion of not giving up and keep moving on. I know we all have some moments of self-doubt when doing some tasks but it is necessary to resolve them as quickly as possible. Because there is no scope of going forward when you doubt your abilities. Doubting is like a redirecting link,a hyperlink that takes you in the past and when you go to past, you are living backwards and that’s not an appropriate action. So,a word of caution- Introspect yourself,motivate yourself and keep moving forward.

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