Turning Miseries into Inspiration

Turning Miseries into Inspiration

There is no life without miseries and problems. Many at times these miseries and problems, takes the shape of an Inspiration and thus become a source of success for many people. Artists look for inspiration, writers look for it. When I read romantic novels of Nicholas sparks, my heart is prepared to bear a death in the end and also I could easily get notion of a cancer patient. When reading Mitch Albom, I get a modern mix of spirituality. I see some beautiful heart touching movies that have a title running in their start as being based on real stories! These all things made to ponder that all the amazing creators may have undergone something excruciating or something miraculous which have lead them into creating something so extraordinary. May be Sparks lost someone he loved battling with cancer or Mitch Albom witnessed some godly miracles which he now tag under the genre fiction! It is true that these all are assumptions. But one thing is very clear to me, that every great achiever got a push somewhere in his life which moved him to do amazing things. And thus excellent writers, painters, artists and other people of high caliber underwent phases of transformation as a consequence of some miseries of their life.

The point is this inspirational push will eventually come to you. You cannot know when it is going to come but you’ll definitely know after it has transformed your life! You have no control over it to come early or leave early from your life. But what you can do for sure is that no matter with how much intensity this push tries to knock you over, you should never let go of the “pole of faith” you have been holding onto. No push can knock you over if you have strong determination and faith that you will pass through but if it waivers, you are susceptible to fail and lose yourself amid the havocs. Thus inspiration is the by product of faith and firm determination, brought together to stand still in the event of being pushed over. And this inspiration stays with you and evident in all the amazing things you do after you discover it.

Now can you answer, what inspires you? If you can answer think yourself as blessed and if not, don’t ever stop searching for it because there is no life without an inspirational push in it. And when it comes, you just need to mix the ingredients rightly and then you shall become the spot-lighted face of the endeavours that will inspire others to find their calling in life. Like ways the chain reaction is started where one who have found his calling because of those pushes, is present before the world to share and appreciate the power of the miseries he had faced in his life. It can lead to spreading the awareness to the people out in the world to stop grieving and start making fortune out of their miseries by taking them as inspiration and not as an event of self-destruction!

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