2015 was the worst year of my life. But it did teach me life’s great lessons in disguise as well as some quiet out open. I was living an aimless life, like most of us do today. We are living either an aimless life or a life with aim which is not ours but of our partner! I’m a person of huge potentials and have many interests and hobbies. But did I do anything to make them grow? No! I sat down waiting for the right time, which believe me was never going to come with that attitude. When life was delivering its best of lessons in the class, I was the back-bencher who was playing with chalk pieces and busy in carving my teacher’s mimic on the desk. Sometimes I was looking out of the window as the view enticed me more than the lessons. I had no clue what I was missing until that fateful day. I missed the lesson on TRUST. Yeah you heard me right. Only when I got mine broken, I came to know what all I missed. Only when I lost something very dear to me, then I realize how wrong my methods of aimlessly steering the caravan of my life were! I kept bumping into stones, even deep pits and wasted precious time going in a direction which was a dead end. And believe me I could see the “Dead End” from miles away yet I was faking to be myopic and driving towards it.

What was I thinking! That miraculously a hardy road will appear there, out of the blue. Oh how I wish that to be true. I guess I engrossed myself a way too much in fairy tales, believed a bit too much on the fairy god mothers! If only I was a Cinderella. I could have fairy god mother or a prince looking for me with a shoe in his hand. But neither was I a Cinderella nor was some prince looking for me. I was an ordinary person who was hoping that miracles can happen. But then life happens. And when I was hanging by a thread on the edge of the dead end, my whole life flashed before me. The familiar voices, the familiar faces and then suddenly face of my father came into forefront and he shouted “Jump now”. And I jumped. From a distance while I was falling, I saw the caravan burst into flames. Although my version of miracle differed from this one, yet it was a miracle after all. And due the aftershock I went into unconsciousness, only to find myself lying on the shore, soaked in water. I thought for a second if I was dead. And why would I not think that? I could see my dead father resting in an arm chair few meters away from me. He was waiting for me to gain consciousness. I rubbed my eyes as hard as I could. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then, he spoke. “Feeling good?” And then I could not believe my ears! He reached for my forehead, to check for my temperature and then I lost trust in the sense of touch too. I managed to utter something, a little less rude. “Am I dead, papa?” ….To be continued

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