Sunday, March 18, 2018


We women are very conscious about our age and despise everyone who even dare to categorise us as aged and old. And a single word which is famous for making women go nuts is Aunty. We hate this word. This word drops us from the zenith of youth to nadir of senescence. There are many other words which are used for making us feel old but no this word tops the list and hated by every women. I despise this too. I find it rather offensive and especially when anyone older than me calls me by this word. I never realised I was so similar to all the women scout out there,my bad  :D But recently I came across a very different perspective, a different thought related to this matter. An incident although very small yet left an everlasting imprint on my mind that inspired me to scribble this on my blog. It was a day like any other ordinary days in bank. And a lady quiet older than me approached me for services and she mistakenly called me Mummy instead of Ma'am. You see it was a very small incident but what strucked me so hard is that why I didn't feel offended at all, like I used to get after hearing the aunty word? A mother is also a person of older age than I was right now and the funny thing is that I'm not even married to be called one just in case. I wasn't offended and in fact responded very politely and lovingly as if I was her mother!! Such is the power of this word. That day I felt the gravity this word holds in itself. I felt all the love, care and sacrifices a mother does for her child and family. I salute to all the mothers around the world in this festive month of navaratra.Thanks for loving and caring for us for all lifelong. We never even realise we are so gifted until something struck us like it strucked me. I feel immense gratitude for the love I received, the love and care I don't ever think I'm  worthy of getting and still doubtful that if ever in my life I could reciprocate the love I received from mother....!!! And amid all this I even forget the grudge I held as a woman for being called out Aunties. If I'm an Aunty for some in present or future I will surely be a mother to someone and that totally balances out the odds, right.. ;) 

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