Sunday, February 19, 2017

I have

I have seen people in saffron clothes,committing heinous of crimes,
I have seen people in tattered clothes,doing humble of deeds..

I have heard people in harshest of tones,having clearest of hearts,
I have heard people in softest of tones,with darkest of souls..

I have seen people people quitting life for no reasons,
I have seen people living life for a sole and sole reason..

I have found worst of enemies in closest of people,
I have found best of friends in strangest of people..

I have met people with riches living an unfulfilled life,
I have met people with nothing but content life..

I have seen gloomiest of faces,spooned with silver wares,
I have seen people with happiest of faces with saddest of stories..

I have enjoyed public holidays of the widely sung heroes,
I have always wondered about the unsung crowd that followed..

I have been living life with a judgemental eye,often judged on wrong criteria,
I have found out eyes deceived, brain could ill-perceive, only the hearts could never lie...

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