Sunday, February 19, 2017

I have

I have seen people in saffron clothes,committing heinous of crimes,
I have seen people in tattered clothes,doing humble of deeds..

I have heard people in harshest of tones,having clearest of hearts,
I have heard people in softest of tones,with darkest of souls..

I have seen people people quitting life for no reasons,
I have seen people living life for a sole and sole reason..

I have found worst of enemies in closest of people,
I have found best of friends in strangest of people..

I have met people with riches living an unfulfilled life,
I have met people with nothing but content life..

I have seen gloomiest of faces,spooned with silver wares,
I have seen people with happiest of faces with saddest of stories..

I have enjoyed public holidays of the widely sung heroes,
I have always wondered about the unsung crowd that followed..

I have been living life with a judgemental eye,often judged on wrong criteria,
I have found out eyes deceived, brain could ill-perceive, only the hearts could never lie...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Just a thought

Ever heard of this fable?I believe we all have. Let me see if you can relate it to present world scenario.

A crane was called for feast by a fox. The fox served the food on a plate and thus was able to eat hurriedly. The crane could not get to eat stomach full due to this serving arrangement and the fox after finishing his share,ate crane's share too!The fox then quickly closed off the feast and called it a day.
The  angels of the world called for globalization when concerns over not much cohesiveness and free trade were raised. Today,the feast is over and concerns have risen again.This time its about too much cohesiveness. The foxes have had their feast.Need I say more.Pretty strange world huh..!!!!! :D