Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Discovering Innate Happiness

Happiness is not as transient as an imprint on a sand that a wave comes and wash it away. But it is an innate inscription that have been deeply coalesced with our soul...:)

Why do we celebrate festivals? Do we really celebrate it for the mythological reasons? I think this is only partially true. Festivals have way more deeper value than one can think. Festivals have different meaning for different people. They bring "some" close to home creating cohesiveness and for some they are the days when they miss "home" the most. They give opportunities to families to come together eliminating all the minor-major barriers,provide them hope for a better future. They give the busy workaholics an excuse to take a sabbatical,an excuse to the figure-conscious people to be on a cheat diet for a while. For some festivals are a source of earning livelihoods,for some they are the avenues of superfluous expenditure.
In all,they give people a reason to celebrate,to be happy or at least force themselves to be happy amid the jovial environment. What we are really after? We create an ambience, a stage where we keep all the things that will or can give us satisfaction and will make us at peace and happy.But the truth is even with all the props at the stage why don't we feel happy to the core? Why our happiness feels so transient? Ever thought of that? I do..everyday. The transient nature of our happiness is derived from the root cause that we have based our happiness purely over materialistic gratification. And we experience ripples of short-lived happy  moments now and often but still our soul craves for that long-lasting happiness,no where to be found in all that glitters! Being happy is the innate nature of a soul which have eroded via lust and materialism and thus we are left with little of it,so little that we have only a hunch that something's missing but never really find out,what it is.And we surround ourselves with all the happy ingredients and try to get those ripples if not the absolute happiness that our soul yearns for. We settle for the ripples when there is complete possibility of us regaining our true innate nature! We think those heavy words like absolute happiness is not for the ordinary people like us but it is for the godly incarnations such as Shakyamuni Buddha. We never realize regaining our true happy nature is as simple as restoring phone's factory settings to default, in case we haven't tampered with the default password(default passwords are 12345,read the manual :P).
You get it right? What I'm trying to say is that don't tamper with your innate tendencies. Don't get engulfed in the materialism. I'm not implying that you wear the saffron clothes and become a saint but all I'm saying is create a balance out of  both worlds by mixing the best of both worlds.Only then one can be happy despite the happy props!!

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