Monday, October 3, 2016

To a “differently loved” sibling

She was always the high note in the music of our family from the very start,
 A spoiled brat, never listening, ever complaining but a person of good heart.
Soon enough it happened, the seeds of hatred sown long ago,
Received the food of false perceptions and began to grow.
The day arrived when the seed grew into an enormous tree with diverse branches,
It bumped its roots deep inside her heart and started the yield of poisonous fruits.
It harmed not only her but the family as a whole,
Nearly impossible to uproot this one deep rooted in her soul.
Even if one tries, it would take away a part of her,
And I never wanted to do things that leave a scar on her.
With no plausible way to be seen, I folded my hands and prayed.
I asked for a divine intervention for transforming her heart and so he did.
It wasn’t only one heart that transformed that day,
God changed her heart and mine too!
When I realised the transformation, I wasn’t surprised as you,
I knew creating such a huge chaos wasn’t one- man task but comprised of “two”.
God was pleased with my response and asked me my one wish,
I again folded my hands and prayed, whenever similar circumstances shall prevail in life of others,
May they realise that mistakes are not always one-sided especially when it comes to  family!

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