Friday, October 21, 2016

The Shallow teapot

Some tea time pondering..........:-)

The Shallow teapot
A potter gave life to a tea pot and put it to forge,
But the pot was reluctant to bear all the heat n scorch.
With no other way the potter made it look beautiful from the outside,
This shallowness of the teapot, only vibrant colors and glaze could really hide.
It was kept for sale at a relatively low price and was very quickly bought,
The buyer mesmerized with the beauty outside didn’t even give a second thought.
He noticed the shallowness from the very start but didn’t mind a bit,
He already had a place in mind where the pot would fit.
Placed on the highest spot on display,the teapot brimmed only with pride,
It looked down on others and soon there was none on its side.
Unlike others, the teapot never ever got to fulfill its fate,
No tea was ever poured to it which filled it with hate.
One day it happened it tried to replace the one above the flame,
As soon as it touched the heat, it cracked and cried with pain.
Having realized his mistake the buyer encountered the potter,
The potter accused both buyer and teapot for this whole disaster.
“If one was shallow in sense of depth, the other was in sense of thoughts,
Miseries of the teapot started when it denied the pain that would have strengthened it,
The buyer on the other hand looked only for the outside beauty and ignored his own wit”.......

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