Thursday, October 13, 2016


I was going through some posts in my face book timeline. I was surprised to see many had similar life conditions as mine. They were feeling the same, sharing the same and even commenting similar ideas. And suddenly I realised I wasn’t the only one in the world who was undergoing the same set of feelings. There were many souls connected to mine in ways quiet difficult for me to decipher but we did have a connection. For once in my life, I felt relaxed and comforted that I wasn’t the only one. See if it was a good thing I would have wanted it would have occurred to only me and me. But for bad ones, I felt kind of soothed that there were others too! And this realisation somehow put an ointment to my wounds and the lines I used to hear in Hindi echoed in my ears “Dukh baatne se ghat ta hai”. Then it struck me at once, was it God who was distributing my pain to the universe and lessening it somehow. And he was doing this for everybody. No wonder that is why the pain just goes away with time. In actual it isn’t time which heals it. We the people living in this universe just distribute it among ourselves without even being a tinge of conscious about this noble deed. We at the will of God, act as the healers of one another’s pain and sorrows. God and pain, both are omnipresent. And we people are the smallest unit of a “virtuous distribution cycle”. In addition, God has forbidden us to hold on to the pain for long and given us a way to lessen it out and heal ourselves by cycling it through this virtuous cycle.....

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