Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Going back to the Biological Clock

Long before the digital age, long before time tracking ‘Clocks” were invented; people did keep track of time. They relied on a natural god-gifted time keeper known as the biological clock. And I believe that this clock was way better way of keeping track of time as it taught the person to be self-disciplined. I believe that the answer to each of our problem generally comes from within. It is often said that an individual soul is self-sufficient in every way and why won’t it be, God has created us that way. And it is a true notion indeed. So, he must have provided us with a clock within, right! It is nowhere near to a mechanical one with two-three needles and fancy decorations but it is so much powerful and accurate than any of them put together.
A lot many of us struggle each day to crawl out of bed, snoozing alarm infinite times till we are confronted with guilt of sleeping for so long and beginning a day with guilt is never a right way to start your morning. Mornings are supposed to be full of energy, a day booster so that you can feel fresh and carry your work schedule. There is a way to deal with it without the need of any external medium. You just have to rely on yourself for that. There is a unique way in which you can reset your biological clock whenever you want. By consistency of thoughts, this is possible. I will give you a small example as a proof of my words (You can find similar example in a book “Power of your subconscious”). Each day when you go to bed repeat to yourself at least fifty times in mind at what time you want to rise up in the morning. Think of it as an input for your mind. The human mind does not work only on power but to execute tasks it relies on a “Belief system”. Your mind can never perform a task if you don’t believe you are capable of doing it. Repeating ensures that you establish belief on what you are saying. For ex- You need to be up at 7:00 am. The next day you will be up on the exact time without even putting alarms. No snoozing, no irritation just awaking on your own and still feeling fresh and with no desire to crawl back to the bed. And believe me It will never fail when you perform it with conviction. Thus, you can re – engineer your mind by inputting the right kind of “thoughts” and get amazing results.

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